Post: August Updates

Happy August Everyone!!

PLEASE COME TO OUR OPEN HOUSE: Saturday September 15th 1:00-3:00pm

Alas, August is almost over. The crickets are humming in the evenings, and the bullfrogs are singing in baritone voices. The Goldenrod is in full bloom creating a yellow golden accent in the hay fields. The monarch butterflies are searching for milkweed blooms to feed on and lay their eggs, as they rest up on for their long trip to Mexico. Its lovely to see them flutter by. Nature is in charge and everything is going along according to her plan. August has been busy here at the farm.

Firstly, we would like to welcome Diane Frigon to our board. On August first our friends from Skills Inc. Came to visit
Ephphatha. We made bouquets from the flowers we have in our garden, and Board members came to participate as well and be introduced to Diane. Diane has worked in the field of rehabilitation with people who have disabilities for over twenty five years. She is a certified Rehabilitation Counselor and has many years of experience advocating for the blind, and has often helped care for the Ephphatha animals, we are grateful to have her with us!

We are also very excited to announce that as of August 16th, we have purchased a rescue horse, Diamond in the Rough “Dime”, is a 17 year old bay Quarter horse. He will join us and Bodie in the beginning of September, we look forward to introducing him to all of you at our annual open house on Saturday September 15 from 1:00- 3:00 in the afternoon.

If you haven’t already, please plan on joining us then, we look forward to celebrating the Harvest season and sharing with new and old friends the mission of our community and the year’s changes and accomplishments. Come prepared to eat, craft, and visit with friends and animals!

As of this harvest season, we will be preparing farm share style baskets; these baskets will be made to order, if you are interested in receiving a vegetable basket please let us know! We will have a few samples available at the open house for everyone to view. These baskets will be free, but donations are accepted! The funds we receive will be put toward the purchase of seed for next years garden.

We are also working with the Kennebec Bee Keeping association and we have an area Bee Keeper Randy C. who wants to come set up hives on our land. Randy will be at our open house….Please come meet him, and we can discuss where the bee hives will be placed next Spring for our pollinator friends.

We recently put in our hay for the year: The total will be over 300 bales….We get our hay from Mel Newendykes farm in Litchfield. Beautiful second cut, wonderful to hear the munching of our animals in January enjoying the wonderful timothy hay from the summer. Please enjoy these last golden days, the full moon tomorrow, the last full moon of the summer.

See you all in September at our open house!

Blessings robin