Our Wish list

Ephphatha leases a 100 acre parcel of land that has not been farmed for many years.

So reclaiming the land, and creating pastures for grazing animals is necessary, as is shelter for protection from wind and rain and winter winds is essential for the well being of our animals.

We also require for our members, (those who use adaptive equipment to access what our farm has to offer) types of landscape design to assist in wheel chair travel through the fields to gardens and animal shelters.

We also require footing for the horses in specialized arenas so that interaction between the horses and the client/members are optimized. The list of hopes and wishes is long but each year we try to do one or two “projects” so to create an atmosphere of accessibility to activities on the farm.

Currently we are discussing the cost of expanding our pastures, which will be necessary when we add another therapy horse. We also¬† are trying to build a deck so that a picnic area overlooking our pond will be easily accessible with a wheel chair…construction is slated to begin this summer when funding becomes available, we did get a donation of decking which will help with the cost!

We are also want to investigate footing for the horses in the “interactive”round pen and calls are going out for estimates at this time!

If we accomplish the above, we will all be happy; a step forward on the journey to create a healing, natural environment for all to enjoy and visit!

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As you know this has been a challenging year. Because of the physical vulnerability of many of the members who visit the Farm many of our programs had to be postponed so as to protect sensitive individuals who, if they did contract the COVID-19 virus could have become very ill. READ MORE…

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