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An Ephphatha Farms chicken looking out at the snow.

Happy New Year Everyone! 2023 here we come!

January is a time of reflection and inwardness. We spent the past two months with family and friends, feasting and enjoying the Holy days with each other. We basked in the love and light of those we care about and experienced the light and joy of the season. It’s a wonderful time of year!

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Two horses in an open grassy field eating

The Season of Gratitude and Light!

I’m writing this update just after the Thanksgiving Holiday. We hope all of you had a renewing, festive feast with family and friends, and that indeed, everyone to surround your table and your heart brought gratitude and love.

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A rainbow over Ephphatha Farms


Fall Greetings everyone during this beautiful month of October! This is the time when the earth dresses her leafy trees with magnificent colors for all of us to observe and enjoy, as we secretly wish that they would hold on to their leaves tightly and not allow them to fall. But this is not in the plan of our earthly existence.

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