Post: Fall 2019 Newsletter from Ephphatha Farm

It’s Fall everyone and here at Ephphatha Farm we are most grateful!

September found us in the beginning of our Harvest: abundant beans and swiss chard and of course luscious tomatoes; which here in October we have a few left in our root/garage cellar. The last of these red beauties will be chopped up for sauce. Our root vegetables: parsnips, carrots and beets are still in the earth. We will harvest them this week as well as the last of the kale and swiss chard. Our red onions were unbelievably sweet, large and numerous (we are donating some to individuals at church and the food bank). We always feel so blessed to be able to share our abundance; it so joyful to pass on our vegetables which we grow with much care, to individuals who support our efforts here on the farm.

September also found us at the Common Ground Fair…..a wonderful place to enjoy and learn from so many generous souls willing to share there knowledge of their farming techniques: their successes as well as their failures. The fair operates in a truly supportive, generous and giving atmosphere; we always enjoy the camaraderie! We have three old apple trees here at the Farm and we are trying to rehabilitate them. However we also bought three new little trees from North Branch Farm in Monroe: two Baldwins ( in memory of my Dad Walt, who always loved Baldwin trees) and a Honey Crisp tree. We are not sure what type of old trees are on the farm now and plan to contact MOFGA for their expertise in identifying them. As for our new little trees stay tuned to hear of their progress in the spring…

All of September we planned and discussed and our Board of Directors deliberated and finally it happened: our open house was held here at Ephphatha Community Farm on Sunday afternoon, October 6th. it was a rousing success. We had close to seventy people who came to tour our farm to learn about our mission (to make agricultural activities accessible and rewarding to individuals who are physically as well as to those who may be emotionally and/or mentally challenged, thus creating a supportive nurturing community). We had snacks and cider and yummy baked morsels, an auction of goods (for our fund raiser) and best of all …. PUMPKIN PICKING AND PAINTING !!! We also had carriage rides given by S+S Carriages…..( Thank You Kathy). Everyone had a fun, fantastic time! We received generous donations and sincere good wishes from everyone and we are most GRATEFUL for all who came to share our vision and support us! A sincere, heartfelt thank you!!!

We will be carving our Pumpkins this week and enjoying a few sweet goodies in the glimmering light of the jack-o-lanterns. Celtic tradition states that the light of the jack-o-lanterns scare away the dark spirits, dispels them, and attracts only the good spirits to your door and homestead whom dwell at your home all year long! May the Good generous spirits abound in everyones households…. BOO!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!