Post: Happy July!

Happy July Everyone!!!!

We have had a few beautiful days with more coming. We finally received much needed rain and the garden and the hay fields relished the drink. More rain is needed, however we bask in the sunshine of these glorious days. We are currently rearranging last years hay. We have approximately 80 bales left, and are cleaning and sweeping the barn in preparation for the 250-275 bales of 2nd cut hay coming late August from Mel Newendyke’s farm in Litchfield. Haying is always a tough job, hot and itchy but a great feeling of accomplishment ensues when you have your hay in for the winter, knowing your animals will be well fed during the first big snow storm. Those days seem so far away now in this golden time, but they are coming, so we prepare ourselves!

Our farm is busy, the garden is growing!! Our animals are all well and flourishing, Thank Heaven! For our group activity with our friends and members from community supports (Skills, Hinckley program and Ervin Center) we transplanted parsley plants and everyone participated and took a plant home with them! We also discussed where parsley could be used in preparing meals (like potato salad, scrambled eggs etc.!) We took a little break from the hard work and had some strawberries and cream (from a nearby farmer’s stand), it was so yummy! Don’t you just LOVE summer????

We are also in the midst of putting the new roof on the new addition, a small sun-room by the kitchen, which will aid in access to the back field, pond and future deck! All very exciting!

This past weekend, Bodyke (AKA Bodie, our therapy horse) travelled to a dressage clinic at Rustic Acres, Emily Steven’s farm in Somerville, Maine. We had a wonderful time and learned a lot. Bodie was awesome and we certainly got a work out. Dressage is a riding style, a way to communicate to your horse that enables them to move in sync with the rider. It provides a skill set for Bodie beyond his routine therapy work, and gives us many new challenges.

So that’s our news at Ephphatha, keep us posted on all your summer adventures! Happy July from the farm!