Post: Happy Spring Everyone!!!

The earth is waking up to be sure…..flowers are blooming, birds are singing, just yesterday we saw three bumblebees on our azalea bushes!

Lots to do on the farm…..we are getting our soil ready for the garden. We practice organic techniques, crop rotation and natural soil preparation. We hope to have the soil tilled end of the month by Jim with his trusty tiller and John Deer tractor ( thanks Jim.) We direct seed a lot of our crops, but tomatoes and sunflowers we start in our kitchen…we don’t have a green house yet (someday, hopefully.) We purchase our seed locally from Johnny’s seed in Winslow!

Our animals are receiving their Vet physicals. Shadow and Gus received a good bill of health from Dr.Z (Annabessacook Veterinary Clinic, Monmouth) they also received their CDT immunizations, so they are set for the summer after their hoof trimming.

Bodie, our therapy horse received his immunizations as well. He also had a dental exam, and his back teeth were filed, his oral cavity was examined and all is well!! Bodie will have his hooves examined every six weeks over the summer (hooves grow faster over the summer, in the winter a trim is required every eight weeks) by our farrier Emily, a very knowledgeable horse person!!!

Our clients will return in approximately two weeks to help plant our gardens. For our members in wheel chairs we have barrels and raised beds because accessibility is paramount and everyone can participate in the joy of watching seeds grow!!!!

We are also cleaning our hay barn…..getting ready for the new crop of hay which is vital to the well being of our animals. First cut hay is usually ready end of June and second cut end of August. We are planning for it now… as we put in approximately four hundred bales!! More on this latter on……

This Sunday “Riding to The Top Therapeutic Riding Center”( a PATH INTL Accredited Center) in Windham, Maine celebrates with an open house its 25th Anniversary of operation!! Congratulations!! Ephphatha’s Executive Director will attend to wish them well in all their future endeavors!!!! GREAT RIDES……for years to come ……

Enjoy the Spring everyone…be aware of the Miracles that surround you…there are many!!!!!!

Will update our activities next month !!!!!