Post: Here we are at the end of winter

A mother hen and her chicks

On this late morning, the sky is a vibrant blue, a few wisps of clouds dance across the sky, and the sun is warm on one’s back as we place hay bales in the barn for the horses. The sun is coming closer and it’s becoming warmer!

Late winter is a time of reflection and rest, to recalibrate and to renew inspiration and dedication to a philosophy; to investigate projects which foster this philosophy and help it to grow and flourish. This cannot be a rigid process but a flexible and open one. Here at Ephphatha Farm our focus and goal (philosophy) is to provide an accessible, affirming environment for individuals with physical and emotional challenges, and thus a healing and renewing atmosphere for everyone who visits our Farm.

Winter is the time to reassess which activities enhance this goal and to leave behind those which don’t, or at least to modify them so that we can have an enriching experience for all participants who visit. So winter is an intense time of planning and dreaming, hoping and wishing for a productive season ahead! 

With the Covid vaccine becoming more and more available we look forward to a busy spring. Our returning friends are a most welcome sight and we’re getting the garden ready and interacting with our animals.

We have had a few visitors over the brisk days of Winter, who come bearing gifts of apples and carrots (and sometimes peppermints) for Bodie and Diamond, our therapy horses. It’s a very pretty sight to see the boys trot through the snow to greet everyone and munch the goodies with robust energy!

Before I conclude let me tell you about a winter surprise. One of our creamy white chickens was flying over the coop fence (protection against fox) and running up to the Farmhouse and scooting under the porch. We thought she was going under the far end of the porch to keep warm in the leaves. Two weeks ago we had some very cold nights, 6-8 degrees below zero so it made sense that she surrounded herself in a leafy bed!!

On Monday coming in from chores I thought I heard a peep. I heard the chicken cluck, way under the corner of the porch and the little peep was in response to the mommy’s cluck! OH MY! The hen had a nest and brought out two little yellow chicks. What a SURPRISE! We captured the little brood (no easy feat as she was in an inaccessible corner) and we lured them with a little feed. We were able to scoop everyone up! They are now resting in a box in a sunny, heated location and I’m very happy to report Momma and Babies are doing very well! 

So there is proof that miracles surround us…we just have to be open to listen and sometimes seek them out.

Blessings to All…The next time I write it will be Spring!

Cozy Warm days to everyone as we continue planning for Spring,
Robin for EPHPHATHA Farm