Post: January ushered in a whole New Year: 2019!

January 2019

January ushered in a whole New Year: 2019; filled with anticipation and dreams and aspirations of events yet to be…

However as we bid this month adieu, we should not lose heart even if our resolutions made at the beginning of the year, with the best of intentions, have fallen flat and we feel a bit disillusioned. We must take in a deep breath, reassess (were our resolutions realistic?), and begin again.

We all need to live in hope. This is what makes human beings resilient… we strive to begin again, we strive to improve life situations.We should approach challenges( even those that we face within ourselves) with compassion, forbearance and patience and tenaciously move forward, never stagnant, but moving toward a life goal. We may have to compromise from our initial plans, but this is fine as long as we keep striving to become whole.We must never lose hope, that we can heal ourselves and each other.

Here at Ephphatha, our healing farm, January has had its challenges. The ice storms at the beginning of the month have been hard on the horses. Slipping and sliding can cause a pulled or injured tendon. But with careful placement of wood shavings as well as straw, injury has not occurred. For which we are very, very grateful.

Diamond has his blanket on which keeps him toasty and content. Bodie has such a thick coat, and doesn’t want a blanket! He doesn’t seem to mind the cold and when the wind picks up he meanders to his stall and sticks out his head to see when and if the storm has subsided.

Ephphatha Community - Diamond hoping for the sun to shine
Diamond….hoping for the sun to shine
Ephphatha Community - Bodie the Horse
Bodie sticking his head out of his stall checking to see if the ice storm has subsided before venturing forth.
Ephphatha Community - Bodie the Horse
Sun is out….Hurray!!!
Ephphatha Community - Bodie Winter Trot with Sun Shining
Bodie trotting in the snow. The coast is clear and the sun is shining!

Both horses get double the amount of hay during cold snaps, which they contentedly munch on. We are a bit worried about our hay supply, we put in 300 bales but it seems we may run out in March. We are looking for some good quality timothy hay to tide us over till June. We will introduce the “new hay” earlier as to avoid digestive problems in the horses that can occur when switching hay lots. The new hay has to be introduced slowly, as horses have very delicate digestive tracts, and we want to avoid health issues at all costs.

All our other animals are braving thru winter just fine as well. Our Goats Gus and Shadow munch their hay inside their tiny barn often in the evenings cuddled up next to each other…..they often look as if their smiling at me when i head down with my flashlight doing “night check” for everyone… making sure everyone if warm and cozy.

The chickens are doing well, and once spring returns we hope our pullets will begin laying, so that we can get back into the egg business. Our faithful customers are also hoping for our farm eggs!

We have nine Guinea Hens which squawk nonstop in the snow as if they are unsure of what it is. Interesting birds they flit and fly and call incessantly… I’m not quite sure what they are trying to say….I may never know!

We wish you a wonderful winter as the earth continues her journey toward spring…..Take time to breathe in the Beauty that surrounds you.

Greetings and peace be yours. More farm news next month in February (the month of hearts and flowers),

Robin for Ephphatha Farm

Keep your face toward the sunshine-
and the shadows will fall behind you
-Walt Whitman