Post: Kindness is Like Snow

“Kindness is like snow. It beautifies everything it covers.”

                                                                                    Kahil Gibran

Greetings from our Farm to everyone — all our friends and supporters. Happy December!

I’m writing on the coldest evening of the season. It’s a balmy 15 degrees as of 4:00 pm and a single-digit night has been predicted…7 degrees Fahrenheit! WOW! All our heated buckets are plugged in and extra fluffy bedding (straw and pine shavings) are in all our stalls and coops to keep everyone warm and cozy. Diamond, one of our therapy horses has his extra heavy blanket on, akin to a down coat that you would ski in. It keeps him very toasty indeed.

December is a month of contrasts. The longest night of the year is Dec 21 this year, and then slowly the light will begin to return. Also in the dusk time of the 21st, a “Grand Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn will occur creating a great light in the sky, a sort of interplanetary mistletoe. (Try to watch it with someone you love!) A Christmas star perhaps? According to astrologers, these two planets have not been this close for approximately 400 years, since March 1226. It’s a special phenomenon to be sure! This is a time of miracles. They surround us. One has to just be aware that they are here…

December is also the time of cold….. yet it brings us much joy as we trudge thru the snow to bring warm water to the horses. We sprinkle it on their hay to create a timothy (hay) tea to keep them toasty. They love it, just as we love cups of hot chocolate in front of the woodstove. Peppermint is a special treat. The horses love peppermint candy canes broken in one-and-half-inch blocks them nibble them from our hands. We love peppermint too in our hot cocoa.

Life at the Farm continues to hum along. Everyone is healthy and all our animal friends are doing well, and ready for the winter months.

2020 has been a difficult year for programming here at the farm. With the reality of the Covid virus, our most vulnerable members’/visitors’ excursions to the Farm had to be canceled, or the time of visits shortened to keep our most physically and emotionally challenged individuals safe. We are hopeful that with the coming vaccine visitors will once again come to visit the Farm to access our gardens and our animals, and experience all the healing that occurs when everyone can come and spend time with us. It has been difficult, but we are getting through it safely and soundly and we look forward to the smiles and excitement of our returning friends. Your presence here at the Farm is a great gift to us and we miss you and are anxiously awaiting your return, we just have to be patient a bit longer so as to keep everyone safe.

In the meantime, we are planning a new garden area and a new riding arena for beginning riders. We can hardly wait for you all to return in the spring to view our additions! We may even have a new therapy horse. We are looking for a new addition!

So until we can be together please enjoy the peace and the quiet of winter when the Earth rests to store and create the energy she will need to bloom in the spring.

Appreciate this time when the darkness begins to fade and the light grows and manifests in our hearts and spirits. Make a wish and expect it to come true!

From all of us at Ephphatha Farm we wish you a restful Wintertime. May the returning Light surround all our friends, supporters, well-wishers, and bring you all joy and serenity.

Continue to whisper a prayer for us at the Farm as we continue to whisper a prayer for all of you.

Remember in the silence, listen for the song of miracles.

Blessings, from all of us at Ephphatha.

A dog rolls in the snow
Pip rolls in the snow
Marshmallow, the dog, sitting in the snowy forest
Marshmallow snow
a brown horse rolls in the snow
Diamond plays in the snow!