Post: News at the Farm for June

Happy Summer Solstice to all …..The longest Day of the year! The sun will be at its highest point in the sky at solar noon….around 1pm our time….so HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!!!

Summer at the farm is busy. Already our fields have been cut to harvest hay for our neighbor who feeds his cattle with it all winter long. Our hay comes from Mr. Newendyke’s farm in Litchfied, Maine the ratio of timothy,field grasses,and clover is higher from this hay than our own and is more compatible with the horses digestive system so we haul our hay up from Litchfield. We also wait for second cut hay to harvest, its richer and has the full time of the summer to grow. Second cut hay is cut and dried mid-end of August….we will put up close to 300bales so it is quite a feat and we always are overjoyed when this task is completed and we have lots of ice cream on hand to celebrate with family and the friends who help us stack the bales!!!

The garden is coming along….the cool spring nights made everything a bit slow. Our friends from the Ervin Center and from Skills Inc (Community support program in Hinkley) will be by to help sow some cucumbers and beans, our raised beds are all prepared to help people who have difficulty ambulating participate in the activity of gardening!

Our goats (gus and shadow) are doing well, enjoying the weeds and grass. Our chickens are laying and the egg business is booming we sell approximately five dozen a week and donate approximately 3 dozen to friends and supporters. We are thinking of purchasing another 25 chicks mid summer to continue our egg supply for next summer.

Bodie our therapy horse is loving his green pasture. He has a brand new one across the street in the opposite field…so he is one happy guy! We are actively looking for a second therapy horse, and looked at two potential horses this last week and will look at two more next week.Therapy horses have to be sweet and steady and have fine,calm minds…this is essential for the work they do. Just last week we had a young boy visit (7 years old) and he was able to lead Bodie around, brush him and touch his soft coat. The little boy talked about his experience to his Mom and was communicating very effectively with his family, his therapists and teachers about it.The experience was very therapeutic for him. And it was wonderful to witness his animation and joy! We will keep you informed of our search for our new equine partner.

Bodie is riding in a Dressage clinic this weekend at Emily Stevens farm. In PATH protocol for care for our equine partners, it is suggested that each therapy horse participate in training in their specific disciplines with able bodied riders, when they are not working with individuals with challenges. It helps the horses keep their mind and physical structures challenged and in shape…it also prevents burn out. So we sign Bodyke (Bodie ) up and off we go on a fun adventure!! I will try to send some photos…so stay tuned

Thats our June news….. Will send different photos and notes during the rest of the month and i will update again in July!

Have a Blessed beginning of Summer…ENJOY