Post: October/November Blog for Ephphatha Community 2018

October 2018

The highlight of October was the PATH International Conference (The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) held in Orlando Florida. Our PATH certified riding instructor/equine facilitator was lucky enough to attend!!!

Over three days workshops and educational forums are presented….the days are long starting at 7:00 am ending somewhere around 6:00 pm and networking with other equine professionals from the International community…can go on till much latter !!!

Its an exhausting 72 hours, but oh so worthwhile. Poster sessions highlighting the latest research and statistics are displayed by various universities studying the effects of equine assisted activities and therapies(EAAT) which are supporting individuals with functional limitations as well as with neuromotor and sensory dysfunction.

These strategies are used as part of an integrated treatment program (with and including physical, occupational , and speech therapists) to achieve functional goals. Lectures by experts in the field of Equine facilitated therapies, discuss and present techniques which foster improved communication building self esteem and boosting self confidence in individuals who participate in various equine activities.

It is amazing the body of knowledge which supports the healing power of the horse! It was a wonderful conference and uplifting to be part of such an amazing field!! And we have new ideas to implement in our equine program come Spring.

November 2018

Happy November Everyone!!!

As i write this we are having a snow fall out side! Our Pumpkin Fall decorations are covered with white jackets !!!

At the moment we have approximately 6 inches, and it looks like it slowed down a bit. Our chickens are poking their heads out
but not leaving their coop.

Our goats: Gus and Shadow come forth from their mini barn for moments at a time….munch a bit of hay and run back inside.

Our horses seem to like the snow, Diamond has his waterproof blanket on and munches his hay outside in his paddock, preferring to eat out in the snow then to eat inside his stall….i think he likes the taste of the tiny white flakes on his timothy hay! Bodie will not tolerate a blanket..his coat is so thick and long he stands in the field till he is covered with snow. Both horses however do not like the wind…. they head for the barn when the wind whips up….. i don’t blame them, i dislike the wind myself…and here at Ephphatha we have plenty of wind over the fields!!! We all lay low till the wind blows away! !

Tomorrow is supposed to be warm and sunny and everyone will be very happy to see the sun to be sure and to feel its warmth..AHH…. This past Wednesday we had our group/member visit.

Our new Kitty Clyde was being held and cuddled and Clyde loved the attention, and everybody loved Clyde. Bonnie did not share Clyde’s enthusiasm however and preferred to watch all the fuss from a distance! I think in time she will warm up a bit more, but she is an independent little girl, so we give her space!!!

We talked of THANKSGIVING and being grateful. We made turkey picture placemats (including glued on chicken feathers, instead of turkey feathers Ha Ha!!!) and we listed on our placemats what we are grateful for: the earth, the sun, our animals, the farm, each other, our family, our friends and all the people we LOVE.

This time of year is so special…. the importance of being grateful, the essential humaness of giving love and being loved…it is the essence of being human. It fuels our spirit and it allows our hearts to see the grace of our days, and sustains us with strength and Hope and makes us aware of the beauty that surrounds us when often we are too tired or overwhelmed to see.

All of us here at EPHPHATHA farm wish you a THANKSGIVING filled with gratitude and joy…..May you be surrounded by Love and Grace….. Till next month: DECEMBER………SHALOM