Post: September/October Blog for Ephphatha Community 2018

Happy Fall everyone!!!

September 2018

Our trees here at Be-Opened farm, home of Ephphatha Community are putting on a beautiful dress-up display….the golds and reds and amber leaves are quite stunning and when the rising sun first sends her rays forth and caresses the leaves, the trees glow with an iridescent hue which will take your breathe away and catch in your heart. It seems one lingers for a moment poised between memories of past autumns and the reality of now, witnessing once again the fall cycle of the earth, in awe, then the horses gently whinnie to remind you they want their breakfast and you know you have to get on with your chores, the dreamy spell is broken, But one’s step is lighter as one continues the day in gratitude for the majesty that surrounds your being.

Beautiful surroundings in our field

The month of September was very full and busy as September usually is.

Harvest time began with our Open House on Sept 15th. We had approximately 25 people and everyone headed out to the garden to pick a pumpkin and bring it home with them. We also had cider and donuts to share on that warm sunny day. We had a delivery of 25 baby chicks ( to replenish our laying chicken flock) and 9 keets (baby guinea hens )the day before the open house, so everyone had a little fuzzy chick to hold and cuddle!!

Chicks starting to fly

We also added little barn kitties to our farm. Two solid black rescue kitties from the Kennebec shelter in Augusta. They were considered feral, however they warmed up to our visitors and as of this writing are quite friendly! We had a kitty naming contest….and everyone wrote up ballots and we picked two names out of the basket: The Bonnie and Clyde duo won!! Bonnie and Clyde are doing very well. they go to Annabessacook Veterinary clinic for their immunizations and care. They are fast becoming an integral part of our farm.

Bonnie and Clyde

Another important addition: Our second therapy horse: Diamond in the Rough. Dime as we call him arrived the end of September. He is a 15.1 hand bay gelding quarter horse approximately 16 years old. He was a rescue horse purchased in Pennsylvania, bought to Maine by Lea Edwards who is the equine director of the summer camp: Camp Vega. Lea and i talked and we decided to see if Dime could be a therapy horse. So Dime is with us in training. He is becoming acclimated to the farm and to our PATH INTL Certified instructor: Robin, who is training him for therapy work with our members.

Fitting Diamonds bit, bridle

So far he is making strides and bonding with us. He is currently getting up to date on all his immunizations and being fitted for tack (saddle, bridle, etc.) He has gained weight and looking very handsome and the Vets from Annabessacook are happy with his progress. He and Bodyke (Bodie) our star therapy horse get along very well….they are great buddies!! I will continue to note Diamonds progress in future, but we are very happy he is here.

Diamond and Bodie: Best Buddies

As you can see September was very busy…. with lots of new animal additions, and a successful open house ( we received over $200.00 in donations for our work) and we are grateful for the kind words of support that we heard…….THANK YOU !!!

October 2018

Harvest is almost completed… We are still distributing onions and cherry tomatoes to our members, as the frost has held off for now. We have our hay in for the goats and the horses. And we still have the horses on pasture a couple of hours a day. Which helps to conserve our hay usage.

We are currently mending pastures and evaluating fencing options for the winter, because when the snow flies often the solar/electric fence shorts out making the fence ineffective. So we hope to acquire more cedar posts and fencing as a precaution. We look forward to having the handicapped porch addition completed this month which will be wonderful for our members from Skills Inc. We can make our winter wreaths in the warmth of the porch rather than the chilly garage.

Last haying of the season

PATH International Conference will be held at the end of the month, which Robin (our Certified instructor) will be attending. Different therapies and research using our equine partners will be presented and discussed. We here at Ephphatha would like to expand our offerings to military personnel and to include mental health recovery for individuals who may see our agricultural offerings beneficial and healing. We continue to aspire to create a safe haven here at the farm for all individuals who need time to reflect and heal.

Blessings everyone! Enjoy the Beautiful Fall Artistry that surrounds you.

“The meaning of Life is to find your Gift. The purpose of Life is to give it Away” – P. Picasso