Post: Spring Greetings

A picture of a drawing with a quote, "The patient sower, who entrusts the seed to the earth and the sun, is also the person of hope."
Quote by Yves Congar

I’m writing this newsletter the day after Earth Day. I hope we all did something to support Earth’s energy. WE MUST ALWAYS take care to honor Earth and care for her…for it is Earth that sustains our life and well-being.

Spring! We await her arrival, long for her in the midst of icy winter when the winds take our breath away and icy crystals form on the eyelashes of our horses. But then spring arrives! The warm spring sun feels life-giving as she warms our backs as we bend to clean water buckets and we whisper AH…in our hearts! Slowly the fields turn green and buds on the apple trees begin to swell with life. Earth’s transformation begins, what was thought to be crusty, brown, and dead all of a sudden a green sprout of Timothy grass pops through with a luminescent green (spring green is my favorite color). Spring birds return (like old friends) and their songs fill our spirits with joy and promise of the beauty yet to come in this time of renewal. It is truly a time of Resurrection and New Birth…and it is our privilege to witness it again.

However, here on the Farm while its wonderful to watch this new pulse of life reemerge again, one looks around, in this newfound energy and is reminded of all the chores that a few weeks ago were covered with blankets of snow that are now being kicked off…to reveal projects that need to be accomplished in the next few weeks! Shedding coats need to be groomed, pastures have to be reseeded and fence posts thrown out of their holes (due to freezing, thawing, and mud) need to reposition. Trailers need to be readied for the show training season. Building repairs damaged by winds are also on the agenda. Then comes tree limb removal and pruning. (I’m late on apple tree pruning but the spring  temperature is so cool so I can accomplish some of it.)

And then there is the garden! We have an order from Johnnys Seeds (Winslow) for all kinds of veggies and flowers waiting to be started and then popped into prepared nourished, organic soils. Each seed is placed into the growing medium with extra tender, loving care with great anticipation and much hope that each seed will flourish and become something to sustain and nourish our bodies, and if a flower seed she will grow, and with her beauty, sustain our spirits, as well as provide nourishment for our beneficial pollinator insects.

A farm visitor in a wheelchair

Spring ….so very busy but so life-giving and rewarding…We heartily welcome you!!!

Our animals are doing well and came through the cold winter fine. Lots of extra hearty hay and heavy winter blankets and warm tea (yes, tea) kept everyone cozy. The chickens are laying and we are selling more eggs to new customers, always exciting to see new faces on the Farm.

On a sad note, Diamond had a nasty asthma attack, so the Vet was called, and he was given appropriate medication and is currently maintained on a daily dose of allergy meds. We are grateful to say he’s doing well but we have to watch and be careful that he is not exerted beyond his limit. When the Farm purchased Diamond we knew that he had health problems but we wanted to save him from a destiny where he would be transported to a facility where horses are killed.  He’s been a great addition here and is very kind and sensitive. We are watching him very carefully, monitoring his pulse and respiration, and  I’m happy to report that he is running in the spring pastures with no sign of distress.

At the beginning of May, everyone will have a physical, as well as immunizations. Our Veterinarians are from Annabessocook Veterinary Offices, in Winthrop and they do a wonderful job caring for everyone and are on call 24hours a day if and when they are needed.

Spring greetings everyone! The busy season is upon us as we welcome back our community of visitors and friends.

I will be informing you of news and updates so stay tuned for a wonderful spring season here at Ephphatha Farm.

Make sure you all plant a seed, listen to the birds sing and feel the warming sun on your faces, and stop by to say hello!

Take Care,
Robin for Ephphatha