Post: Summer in Maine is Sweet

Ephphatha Farm is a place that uses the gifts of nature, gardens, and its animals to bring a healing touch to all who visit. Though we welcome everyone, we are especially touched and graced by those individuals with physical, emotional, and neurological struggles. The Farm exists for these people who are challenged by a myriad of conditions and we at the Farm are dedicated to helping you through small acts of kindness. We hope to enrich your lives and let you and your caregivers know that here you will never be marginalized. You are, in fact, the reason for the Farm’s very existence….you are our Heart! 

Horses at Ephphatha Farm
A horse in the distance in a beautiful green pasture under a blue sky

After a long absence, we are finally welcoming back our Friends and Visitors to Ephphatha Farm… HURRAY!!! We are of course following the State of Maine CDC requirements concerning mask wearing for unvaccinated individuals and social distancing in our activities. 

Our first group arrives at the Farm this week. To our Dear Friends from Skills Inc…WELCOME BACK! We look forward to herb planting, weeding the garden, visiting the apple trees to look for baby apples, gathering eggs from our chicken coop, getting ready for the arrival of our baby Turkeys, etc. And of course, spending time giving carrots to Bodie and Diamond…BUSY, BUSY but FUN, FUN!!

We also have lots of chores to do like haying, our annual getting in Timothy grass for the horses and goats, painting the barn, and not least of all, finishing the deck and path so our backfield is accessible to those in wheelchairs. The pond can be viewed and the raised beds available to everyone who wants to “play in the dirt” a therapeutic, past-time I engage in on a daily basis!  I can attest to the dirt’s calming benefits!

Summer in Maine is short but very sweet. There are lots of healing fun activities to participate in and enjoy. Look for our photos and updates. Happy Summer from Ephphatha Farm!

Don’t forget to blow a dandelion puff and make a wish!