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Chickens eating bugs at Ephphatha Farm

Summer’s on its way!

Here we are almost mid-June! Soon spring will introduce us to summer! Ready or not, here she comes! This is a very busy time of year for the Farm indeed!

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Bodie and Annie are getting a shower in the hot summer sun

Happy July, Everyone!

There are no ordinary days in summer. In July we really feel the hallowed days of golden summer, especially this year. May was so rainy and cool. June consisted of days of rain and flooding. July came to prove that yes we are in summer!

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Horses at Ephphatha Farm

Summer in Maine is Sweet

After a long absence, we are finally welcoming back our Friends and Visitors to Ephphatha Farm… HURRAY!!! We are of course following the State of Maine CDC requirements concerning mask wearing for unvaccinated individuals and social distancing in our activities.

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Au revoir Summer

Au revoir Sweet Summer! With the end of August; the last full month of summer, we ready ourselves for fall and the excitement of the

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