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An Ephphatha Farms chicken looking out at the snow.

Happy New Year Everyone! 2023 here we come!

January is a time of reflection and inwardness. We spent the past two months with family and friends, feasting and enjoying the Holy days with each other. We basked in the love and light of those we care about and experienced the light and joy of the season. It’s a wonderful time of year!

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Bodie and friend from Ephphatha Farm's Open House

Autumn and Solstice Gratitude

Our Harvest Festival was held at our Open House on Saturday, October 2nd. Because of Covid, we held the event outside. It was a cool cloudy day but thank heaven the rain held off. Everyone who attended was warmed by hot cider and lots of smiles.

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A mother hen and her chicks

Here we are at the end of winter

Late winter is a time of reflection and rest, to recalibrate and to renew inspiration and dedication to a philosophy; to investigate projects which foster this philosophy and help it to grow and flourish. This cannot be a rigid process but a flexible and open one.

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