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Happy Summer Solstice 2019

Jun 21, 2019

Happy Solstice everyone, the official start of summer! May it be golden and productive. In May, we saw lots of rain, mud and cool temperatures which delayed planting the garden by three weeks! So we have to hope for a late frost so we have pumpkins for Halloween! This may mean we will be having […]

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Hello Spring, Goodbye Muddy March,Welcome Snowy April!

Apr 15, 2019

Happy Spring to all!!! Greetings from all of us at EPHPHATHA !!! Well last week April 8th-9th we had snow.Approximately 4″ here in Central Maine.Though it was a shock it was a wonderful (albeit momentary) relief from the mud. Of course it didnt last long but it was an enchanting wonderland. Now the snow has […]

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The last day of February

Mar 4, 2019

The last day of February– wow! Time to seriously peruse the seed catalogs that have arrived in the mailbox and dream of the warm earth in your hands! February posed a few weather challenges to be sure. Just this past Monday and Tuesday the wind was unbelievable; and with the cold temperatures it was quite […]

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January ushered in a whole New Year: 2019!

Feb 7, 2019

January 2019 January ushered in a whole New Year: 2019; filled with anticipation and dreams and aspirations of events yet to be… However as we bid this month adieu, we should not lose heart even if our resolutions made at the beginning of the year, with the best of intentions, have fallen flat and we […]

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